So, I wrote a book…


Paint Your World With Color’. – A powerful message for children and the inner child in all of us.

The children who once chased butterflies through a meadow, and built a rocket ship out of popsicle sticks are likely to grow-up and sit in front of reality TV – or spend their day surfing through their cell phones – uninspired;  Their inner-child and truest selves, forgotten.

The adult mind is often a cluttered mess of negative conditioning  – who we should be – what we should do – even, what we are deserving of.  And all that” junk” stems from a series of messages that we received over the course of our childhoods.   This is how we identified what we are deserving of, and ultimately, our place in this world.

We start out in life as blank slates waiting to be written on.  Our minds are sponges incapable of  understanding that other people’s criticisms may be simply a reflection of their own conditioning – not reflective of our potential.  Early on, we begin to internalize each experience and label them as failures or successes – we begin assigning meaning to everything.  We often decide that we are unworthy of everything our heart desires, simply because of the way in which we processed the negative messages we received.   And so it begins.  The color fades from our lives as we seek out ways to prove ourselves right.   Our childhood forms the fabric of our entire belief system;

A lot of us (perhaps most of us) over time, lose that sense of who we are. We stop viewing our world as a place of vast possibility.  We stop being the open minds who never thought that falling down could be a sign that we weren’t meant to walk.  We stop recognizing and honouring our unique gifts and potential; Our dreams become hidden under the pretence of rational thinking.

And so, I would like to introduce to you to:  ‘Paint Your World With Color’.


This whimsically illustrated book is a creative journey through the qualities of authenticity, inspired living and grit.  It sends positive messages to strengthen the belief in self -even in the face of adversity or judgment.  It teaches everything I want my kids to know when they spread their wings to take off in the world.

Why do we wait until they become frustrated adults to offer “self-help” books and suddenly provide some insight into what they are unhappy?   There are lessons need to be shared with our children now.  Paint Your World With Color’ takes a pre-emptive strike against a world of black and white to encourage inspired living.  It’s simplified enough for even the youngest child to grasp and yet with powerful symbolism, can unlock the inner child in all of us.  


A few snapshots  from the story:


Are you dreams stuffed in boxes

behind piles of junk?

If you do that with dreams,

you’ll live in a funk.

For YOU are the artist!

You’re painting your life.

Grab hold that big brush…

there’s no wrong or right.


It’s your work of art,

So add a splash of bizarre.

Live a life you enjoy.

And just be who you are.


Artwork by Luis Peres.


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Compositions by Rachel A. R. Shaw

Hollywood Melancholy                               




Sample of my creative process

This is what my creative process looks like.  I am composing on the fly. This was recorded live as I played with musical material I had been playing with. This is very rough material that will go into a composition.  I try not to judge my work as I create.  I sit back and listen later on and decide what makes the cut and then expand on it.  It needs much refinement but there are some interesting things going on.  And from this, I will build my piece. The soundscape is supposed to imitate the movement of water which will eventually turn into swells.

Improvised by: Rachel A. R. Shaw